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Natasa Babic is a New York based actress, originally from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Natasa made her first professional debut in the US in an original play by Setor Attipoe "Love, Life and Redemption", a national tour with Lamb to a Lion Production.                       


She first stepped into directors shoes and directed and acted in Clifford Odets "Rocket to the Moon" at 78th Street Theater Lab.  Natasa continued to perform on off off Broadway and made her first debut off Broadway in Anne L. Thompson Scretching’s "The Sanctuary" at the American Theater Of Actors, where she mastered a difficult split personality character. The same year Natasa Babic joined the East 3rd Theater Ensemble in Zack Calhoon’s "The Session".

In 2011 Natasa decided to develop her film and TV career and was cast in a sitcom pilot “Don’t Know Jack”. In the summer of 2012 Natasa was cast in her first lead role on the big screen, in an indie feature “Dark Tarot”. In 2014 Natasa was cast in two feature films "The Girl On the Ledge" and "Life Is Too Short". "Life Is Too Short" directed by Antoine Allen premiered in 2015 and was honored with multiple awards and festival selections.

In 2017 Natasa booked and shot her first guest star role of Betty Gore on the Deadliest Decade. In 2019 she shot the lead role in an indie short Oblivion and a supporting role in an indie thriller Gunpoint.

Natasa returned to stage in the role of the famous American painter Mary Cassatt in The Independents. The play opened Off Broadway at the Jerry Orbach Theater in October 2019. A beautiful story about an unusual friendship between two great impressionist artists Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt. The independents received rave reviews and have extended the run twice.

In 2021 Natasa was cast in an immersive theater play Tammany Hall at the Soho Playhouse and received rave reviews. She played an undercover detective that resolves the corruption on the night of the mayoral elections in 1929. The play closed in 2022.

Natasa looks forward to what the future might bring and is a determined optimist on this ever changing path of life.



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